The Company’s maintenance facility will have an area of approximately 273,000 square feet and will have two bays, with each bay capable of servicing all wide-body aircraft, with the exception of the Airbus 380 and the Boeing 747-800. 

An important feature of the Company’s facility will be the use of two laser-guided automated docking systems which will be supplied by Contec Multidocking Ltd. (“CML”). CML has installed three similar systems in Dubai for Emirates Airlines, the most recent of which is capable of accommodating the A-380 aircraft. 

The docking systems motors will slide the docking system into place around the aircraft. The laser-guided system is sufficiently accurate to bring the structure within one centimeter of an aircraft’s fuselage and each docking system will move into place around an aircraft in less than one hour.

The Company will utilize state-of-the-art software systems to manage maintenance activities. Remote terminals located throughout each hangar bay and on each docking system will significantly improve productivity by reducing the time required for the acquisition of instructions, tools and material by the Company’s aircraft technicians. These systems will be integrated with the Company’s accounting and financial reporting systems. 

The use of the automated docking system and the efficiency associated with a modern information technology system will significantly reduce the out-of-service time for an aircraft in comparison to the out-of-service time required by other companies providing heavy maintenance services, most of which use manual or semi-manual scaffolding systems which must be erected and removed manually.